Mt Kembla Mine Memorial Pathway (Stage 2) and American Creek Rehabilitation Works

Mt Kembla Mine Memorial Pathway (Stage 2) and American Creek Rehabilitation Works, Mount Kembla

BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal (BHPBIC)
Environmental Consulting, Land Management & Rehabilitation, Waterways Rehabilitation, Commercial Landscaping, Eco Construction


Following joint preparation of a Vegetation Management Plan for American Creek in 2011, Southern Habitat was engaged by BHPBIC to rehabilitate the portion of land formerly associated with Nebo and Mt Kembla Collieries, situated between Stones Road and Kirkwood Place, Mt Kembla.  

Our works included rehabilitation, construction of the Mt Kembla Mine Memorial Pathway (Stage 2) and on-ground works to complete a residential sub-division on a portion of the site.  This is one of our largest Illawarra projects undertaken to date.

Stage 2 Pathway works consisted of the construction of a formal shared path along and parallel to the original Mt Kembla rail line from Stones Road west to Kirkwood Place. This stage was designed in consultation with the community and constructed as a part of subdivision works by Illawarra Coal to enable to rehabilitation mine affected lands and the sale of surplus lands for residential opportunities.


This high profile project involved working with the core project team comprised of BHP representatives, engineers, civil contractors and the landscape architect, as well as regular community consultation and liaison.  Our contribution resulted in the Mt Kembla Rehabilitation Project being named as a finalist in BHP Billiton's 2013 Health, Safety, Environment & Community Awards.

Rehabilitation Works
  • Installation of sediment and erosion controls
  • Re-shaping and stabilisation works along the degraded sections of American Creek and to rehabilitate and improve stability of old railway cuttings and embankments.
  • Removal of extensive weedy vegetation and subsequent revegetation works, through extensive replanting of native species along the riparian zone of American Creek and in other areas on the site.
  • Stormwater management works.
Mt Kembla Memorial Pathway (Stage 2)
  • Construction of a pedestrian pathway
  • Installation of a heritage display and interpretive area beside the subdivision access cul-de-sac in the central portion of the site.
  • Site preparation works include landform reshaping.
  • Maintenance of site until June 2016
Residential Subdivision

Facilitate the creation of 4 large residential lots, including

  • Vegetation clearance along causeway
  • Supply and installation of traffic deterrence bollards

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