Byarong Creek

Byarong Creek, Figtree

Wollongong City Council
Environmental Consulting, Land Management & Rehabilitation, Waterways Rehabilitation, Commercial Landscaping, Eco Construction

Project Description

Byarong Creek forms part of the Allans Creek Catchment, a flood-prone area within the Wollongong LGA that has experienced degradation and stream bank erosion.

Since preparing a Vegetation Management Plan in 2005, Southern Habitat has conducted riparian restoration and regeneration works along a stretch of approximately 700 metres of the creek to improve bank stability and the visual aesthetic of the area.

Our Works

  • Removed woody weeds such as Coral and Willow trees from the creek
  • Hand-weeded instream areas and targeted control of impediments to stormwater flow
  • Reinstated native vegetation to enhance embankment stability
  • Removed invasive weeds including Turkey Rhubarb, Asparagus Fern, Morning Glory, Madeira Vine, Moth Vine and Cassia that threatened remaining native vegetation
  • Addressed weed infestation by establishing healthy native ground and low shrub coverage
  • Continued weed control with augmentation planting, mostly groundcovers to maintain visual clarity throughout under storey
  • Conducted regular maintenance visits (watering, weeding, infill planting, spot spray control, rubbish removal)
  • Constructed a creek crossing
  • Installing various educational signage 


  • Zone 1 July 2017: Byarong Creek Project
    Zone 1 July 2017
  • 2006 IMG 0408: Byarong Creek Project
    2006 works in progress
  • Zone 2 July 2017: Byarong Creek Project
    Zone 2 July 2017
  • 2012 after removal of in stream woody weeds: Byarong Creek Project
    2012 after removal of in stream woody weeds
  • 2017 East of Uralba St bridge: Byarong Creek Project
    2017 East of Uralba St bridge
  • Map of Areas: Byarong Creek Project
    Map of Areas
  • 2006 AREA C: Byarong Creek Project
    2006 Area C
  • Area D lhs and Area E rhs AFTER: Byarong Creek Project
    2006 Areas D and E
  • 2006 IMG 0417: Byarong Creek Project

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