Establishment of Green & Golden Bell Frog Pond Habitat

Establishment of Green & Golden Bell Frog Pond Habitat , Port Kembla

Port Kembla Ports Corporation (PKPC)
Environmental Consulting, Land Management & Rehabilitation, Commercial Landscaping, Eco Construction


Port Kembla is one of a few remaining areas in NSW inhabited by the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog (Litoria aurea).

After discovery and capture of these frogs in 2008, PKPC worked with NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) and other local landholders to create frog ponds at Heritage Park to provide additional breeding habitat and movement corridors for the frogs.

Recognising that GGBF generally occurs in large, permanent, open-water swamps or ponds that have a variable water level and dense vegetation, Southern Habitat commenced establishment of 4 Frog Pond Habitats for PKPC in accordance with Best Practice Guidelines in 2012.


Our works included:

  • Removing existing weeds via mechanical slashing, brush-cutting and herbicide application
  • Excavating seating holes for troughs
  • Installing troughs
  • Installing boulders around troughs
  • Installing a concrete raised plinth
  • Supply and installation of exclusion fencing
  • Supply & install aquatic species inside ponds
  • Supply and install endemic grass species and sedges to surrounds, plus tree guards
  • Supply & Install mulch
  • Install a water tank, hose and attachments
  • Install lockable gates
  • Maintenance visits over 12 months

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