Hillcrest Village Self-Care Units (Stage 1)

Hillcrest Village Self-Care Units (Stage 1), Wollongong

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Located at Stanwell Park, north of Wollongong, Stage 1 of Hillcrest Village features 24 high-quality independent living units carved into a bushland escarpment. 

This project won the Master Builders Australia National Lifestyle Housing for Seniors in 2010.  It also received a High Commendation from the Australian Institute of Building (NSW) Excellence in Building Awards (2010).

AJC Architects viewed the site landscaping as a significant achievement. “The Village is deftly integrated with the forest through bush regeneration and plantings, enhancing the appeal of a natural haven.”


Following a vegetation audit and preparation of a Riparian Management Plan in 2006, Southern Habitat was initially contracted to implement the recommended works.  These included:

  • Collection and propagation of native seed
  • Site preparation including soil erosion control program
  • Protection of existing vegetation
  • Primary & Secondary weed control
  • Installation of over 10,000 unites of tube stock
  • 2 years Maintenance of Riparian Corridor and Surrounding Areas

Client satisfaction led to the scope of works extended to include:

  • Relocation of mature Cabbage Palm trees
  • Supply and installation of electric fencing
  • Stormwater Drainage works
  • Installation of irrigation systems
  • Construction of Timber Steps
  • Planting, mulching and turfing

Check out this impressive before and after pics of bank stabilisation works at Gwawley Creek, Sylvania...great job team!
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