Salvinia Control

Salvinia Control, Pemulway

Waterways Rehabilitation


Salvinia (Salvinia molesta) is a Weed of National Significance, and regarded as one of the worst weeds in Australia.  As an aquatic weed, it can choke waterways, with its thick fast-spreading vegetation shading any submerged plant life and making the water unsuitable for fish and other animals.

 In August 2014, Southern Habitat was asked to assess the Salvinia infestation at Lakewood Estate, and implement a recommended course of action for its immediate removal and to prevent re-infestation.


Our methodology included the immediate hand removal of the downstream infestation to prevent further occurrences throughout the waterway.  Reducing the biomass and level of infestation through mechanical means also meant the amount of herbicide required to conduct effective follow up control was reduced and greatly reduced the impact of any herbicide application in the existing waterway.  

 To prevent the risk of re-infestation, a vigilant monitoring and maintenance program is currently being conducted.

  • Lakewood Salvinia before: Salvinia Control Project
    Lakewood Salvinia before
  • Lakewood Salvinia after: Salvinia Control Project
    Lakewood Salvinia after

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