Soft & Hard Landscaping - Kennett Home

Soft & Hard Landscaping - Kennett Home, Stanwell Park

Midson Construction (NSW) Pty Ltd
Commercial Landscaping, Eco Construction


Completed in 2016, the construction of a new Kennett Home formed Stage 2 of UPA’s Hillcrest Village Aged Care Facility in Stanwell Park.

Due to the success of our landscaping works for Stage 1 of Hillcrest Village, we were awarded the landscaping contract for Stage 2 in August 2015.


Landscaping Works around Kennett Home included:

  • Planting large (45L to 200L) trees and ferns in pits including all excavation, breaking up of walls, backfilling, consolidating with topsoil mixture and slow release fertiliser
  • Installation of hardwood stakes and hessian webbing ties
  • Planting shrubs and tree ferns in pits including all excavation, backfilling and consolidating with topsoil mixture and slow release fertiliser, installation of stakes and ties
  • Installation of 1800m2 turf and underlay, with additional seeding
  • Mulching of all garden beds (700m2)
  • Construction of a retaining block wall, including filling, capping and drainage
  • Construction of a raised garden bed and installation of timber edging
  • Installation of artificial turfing throughout courtyards
  • Installation of decomposed granite paving
  • Installation of an Irrigation System
  • Installation of large courtyard pots with drainage
  • 12-months Maintenance (watering, weeding, rubbish removal)

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